Saturday, November 15, 2008

Should I worry...

that my first home study visit with our social worker is Monday morning. (In Illinois they come and visit 3 times after adoption, first visit with in a month after being home) And our paperwork that needs filled out is buried here?

Or that our living room looks like this?

And do you think I should hide all evidence that we visited this place, well I am not admitting how many times we went this week.

Maybe I should not admit to being ok with this (video games), but it means that 2 little girls sit quietly for a minute!

Driving Sage around kept them happy for awhile. Mavery is a pretty good driver, even if she had experience watching China drivers! ;0) Do social workers mind kids being on TOP of the car?
Is it a problem that the little girls use our bathROOM as their swimming pool? I gave them a bath one day and was waiting for Mark to come up from the basement saying it was coming through the floor they had the room so wet.

Now I know this one is a no no. But, since we can't afford gymnastics for the girls right now, we figure we need to get in their exercise. And yes, they both prefer to be with out clothes as much as possible!

Monkey See, Monkey Do! Mavery wants to do EVERYTHING that Spicy Girl does! Though she is a little nervous about some things, but getting crazier and more brave every day!

And yes, even the dog gets in on the action to!

**Disclaimer--No children OR animals were harmed in the taking of these pictures. I (the mom) was wondering why every time Mavery was in my bedroom she would reach up towards the top of my bed, till I walked in and saw the dad doing these things with them!
**You are right, my bed is not made. Sometimes it is, but 5 little monkeys & a dog love to wrestle in it so it typically just looks like this.
**Mark said he did not think I should post the pictures of the messy house. (though he is fine with the naked babies and gymnastics) He said it is embarrassing. ;0)
**So we are not cooking or cleaning, but boy are we having fun! That counts for something right?


Mom 2 six said...

Fun is truly all that matters !!

bugs parents said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of your home. Makes me feel like our life is "normal" when I see other homes look the same way - well used because so much fun and love are happening in them!

Anonymous said...

I thought the pictures of the messy house were great! It just shows that you spend that precious time with each other instead of worrying about material things. What can possibly be wrong with that!


Amber said...

Ha! This was too funny! I also love the fact that Hershey is in the car picture...dressed in her finest! So funny!

Stephanie said...

Good times! I will admit the picture of the girls doing gymnastics made me gasp for breath.... I will agree don't show your social worker that one! :)
I cannot wait to come see you guys! I will try and call this week. We have had a couple of weeks where life is real and life is hard. I will update later!
Love you much friend!
ps. you can send me any lists you get....God is moving around here

Luke said...

That is hilarious! Of course, you know more about the adoption process than I do. seems we passed our homestudy well, despite telling the caseworker and her assistant that one of the questions was a logical fallacy and the typical answer they except is ignorant [laughing].


Our House of Five said... kids are never coming to your house to play! Just kidding, your house looks a little bit norml-sorry to say. I think your SW will be more concerned if it were clean.

Sarah said...

I love the honesty that is so apparent in each and every pic. Don't stop.