Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Suson Park with Sage

Sage is a monkey and if other can climb it so can she!!

Shannon had Sage on Monday and took her to Suson Park in South County, St. Louis Cara and Chelsea went to play and see the animals. Danielle and two other kids from church joined in for the fun as well. I went over to eat lunch with everyone and join in the fun for a little while!! Sage seemed to enjoy herself playing and laughing. She has learned that if the Sun is shinning here then the moon is in China and if the moon is out then the sun is in China. She is so funny!

The older kids were with friends Sunday night and Monday. I hear Makenna stayed up until 4 am with friends (but they say she was not cranky after that!). Sawyer went to bed a little earlier.

Tuesday the kids were with Nina and spent time with their cousins. When Grammy got off work they left to head out of town. They should now be in Branson having a good time!! I will join them tomorrow and promise to add pictures of all the kids tomorrow night. I believe tomorrow is Silver Dollar City and the Dixie Stampede!

Miss Jenny

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