Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is official. We have left the house, said goodbye to the kids, apologized in advance to the grandparents and wished them the very best of luck, (kidding of course, they acted very excited to have the children, and the kids were thrilled to get rid of us I think!) We have packed and repacked and checked and rechecked everything in our suitcases. I have cleaned every inch of my house over and over. Well, I never did get the refrigerator pulled out or the stove, so if you are staying at my house, don't look under those appliances, deal? Though the dishwasher is clean underneath, we had to get that fixed last week so if for some reason you want to check there, it is good! hehe! My lists are all checked off and there is nothing else I can do now but get on that plane and GO! Yesterday, I was not so sure I was going to make it, that I was going to get it all done. But tonight, as I am sitting in a hotel room by the airport, I feel good. I have even stopped saying for the hundredth time, did we get it all, did we forget anything? At this point if we did, we will live w/ out it. We have us, we have the laptop, we have the camera and all the paperwork. Nothing else matters. As I looked through my master list I made way back when, the only thing (that it totally a lie, the only MAJOR thing) I did not get crossed off was losing lots of weight. And unless I manage to lose 10 pounds overnight, that is just not getting crossed off and I am even at peace with that. Right now my eyes are on the prize. My Mavery will be in my arms in just a matter of days. My heart has been in China since I stepped off that plane 2 years ago with arms full of Sage. And now we return for our 5th child, quite possibly the ending to our story. (Mark would shout out a big amen ,we are done here!) For almost a year now I have stared at her face and wondered so many things. And now, no more wondering. Soon we will touch her skin, hear her voice and hold her in our arms. We will turn that sad face into smiles and wrap her up in all of our love. Here we GROW again!!!!!!!!
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