Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anyone have some money to donate?

 Because if you do, I would be jumping on the next plane to China to scoop up this little guy!  Well, after I convinced my husband that we COULD do this again. And after I completed all that stinken paperwork.  And after I picked up our family off the floor from the shock. (who is shocked by us at this point?!) Just those small minor details that stand in my way!
So if you don't have any money you want to share with ME, how about heading to China yourself? Evan is waiting for his mommy and daddy and it is going to kill me till I know he has that!! He just turned 1.  He has a repaired (for now) heart condition, and a lazy eye, that as you can see is being worked on.  

There are so many children out there, I could post 20 a day and still never show you all the beautiful faces that wait.  You can read more about sweet "Evan"  here at the Love without Boundaries blog.  I hope that his face makes you smile, as much as it does me.  And I hope it makes your heart hurt for those who wait.  May we never forget that there are those who are out there, who need us.

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