Tuesday, February 08, 2011


  • I stink at blogging.  
  • I have blogs to post, I just need to finish them. 
  • I lost the cord for my camera, and have been waiting on the new one to come in for weeks.
  • Which is no excuse, I could post the blogs and add the pictures later.  
  • Or even go out of order. 
  • Life is hectic. 
  • Our house is still for sale. 
  • And has barely shown. 
  • Though it seems to show at the most crazy times.
  • Not sure there is ever a not crazy time at our house.
  • The house we want to buy is getting ready to go up for sale. 
  • Which makes us wonder if it is a sign. 
  • A sign for what? Well, that could go in many ways. 
  • Mark has been traveling to much for work.
  • But he has a job. 
  • I had some not fun virus while he was gone, migraines for days. 
  • Which I have now passed on to Sawyer. 
  • So thankful for Makenna, who is able to run this house when I was down. 
  • Working on our China trip for this summer.
  • Meaning working on raising the funds. Besides planning a trip. 
  • Took Makenna to Revolve, GREAT time and more details about it.  I hope. 
  • If I ever get back to blogging again. 
  • I am teaching the young married girls at church.  Biblical Womanhood. 
  • I think I am learning more than I am teaching.
  • And being very convicted about what roles a Christian wife plays in marriage. 
  • Have taken up "couponing".  
  • I have a coupon binder that weighs almost as much as a child. 
  • It is a TON of work. 
  • But I am saving a ton of money. 
  • It is almost like a game, what deals can I get this week?
  • My brother is still in China.  
  • He is doing well. 
  • VERY well! ;-) 
  • The little girls have not been in trouble at school in a very long time.  
  • That is a shocker. 
  • Mavery has actually been doing alot better lately.  
  • By saying this the rest of my week is probably going to stink.  
  • This month we will celebrate Chinese New Year.  
  • And Marks birthday. 
  • His request? A weekend away with me! 
  • I have been studying about the Sabbath.  And what it means. 
  • Among many things. 
  • God is stirring something in me. 
  • My prayer has been that He would make me uncomfortable. 
  • I think I should instead pray, please just email me.  
  • With directions for whatever I am supposed to be doing. 
  • I am taking Bod for God at our church. 
  • I am pretty sure I have gained rather than lost weight.  
  • But I do like the class.  And agree with the ideas.  
  • I have actually lost 10 pounds, but need to get more serious. 
  • Makenna is working her tail off to earn money for our trip.  
  • I am so proud of her. 
  • I can't wait to be back in China, holding me some babies!
  • I have had an ache for the orphans lately that won't go away. 
  • And have a hard time understanding why more people don't share that. 
  • Did you know that getting rid of orphans is the ONE thing in this world we COULD change?
  • If more would just step up and adopt. 
  • I sometimes wonder why God could not have just made me think about easy things.
  • Easy?  What is easy?
  • Well, it might have been a random blog, but it is a blog!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I am struggling with the orphan crisis myself.....I want scream it, but no one listen. And the commentss.God hasn't called me......OH YES HE HAS. But I am not bold enough to say it.

Be careful. God sent me an email 2 hours after praying for an email.....for our boy with FULL grants. After our tax refund we will have maybe 2k in this adoption.

Mom to my China Posse said...

Wanted to know I share some of your Bullet points. I often wonder why I carry the Burden for the orphan while many of my friends with 1 child just doesn't get it and think Im crazy! Thats one I struggle with daily.