Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

Trying so hard to keep up with one blog a day! Not that anyone probably cares, but I said I would do it so I will...

Attended my first "book club" last night.  So fun! We read the book Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymabla.  GREAT, great read and so inspiring.  Wonderful group of ladies.  So sweet.  My friend Christy opened her home and made a delicious dinner.  She asked Makenna to come and serve/clean up.  Then asked all the ladies in attendance to donate to our China trip.  Makenna LOVED serving and made a good amount of $.  I enjoyed getting together with a new group that I do not normally hang out with.  I look forward to next time around.  We are going to read Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity.

No pictures, but we had fun tonight Roller Skating.  We rented a near by rink and did a fundraiser for our trip.  GREAT time of fellowship with friends.  So thankful for the support we have received  from our family and friends as we work towards our goal.  Nice to make money tonight, but really nice just to visit with friends while the kids were having fun!

Open House tomorrow (Sunday)  House is still for sale.  And causing me some stress.  Not even the "when are we moving".  It is the "THE HOUSE IS SHOWING WE HAVE TO CLEAN".  Which is no easy feat with 5 children.  And a whol lot of living going on around here. Pray for me if you will. That I can be patient.  And that we will know we are doing the right thing. 

Teaching tomorrow on communication.  Did you know that a mans brain takes SEVEN hours longer to process information that a woman's? No surprise if you think about it.  And a very good thing to remember next time you speak to your hubby!

Sage has a gymnastics competition tomorrow.  Of course she does, Because that adds more chaos to an already crazy weekend!

Not to mention, Mark has a birthday!  Sad when you barely have time to celebrate your birthday! But we are going out of town for his birthday later this month, so I guess he gets an extra long celebration!

11:30PM but I made it!! ;-)

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