Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Life Around the Box

It is a funny thing when you think about God sometimes and the plans He comes up with.  Take for instance the fact that he created a boy.  Who liked order, and things that made sense.  A boy with a plan mapped out that was logical and added up. A boy who actually kind of liked life inside the box, because, well, that was pretty normal.

And then God created a girl.  And gave her a mind that rolled 24 hours a day.  He allowed that mind to go in so many different directions, amazingly never really on a straight path.   A girl with a bit of a rebellious spirit who was always pushing it just as far as she could.  A girl who dreamed and wondered and questioned and was never settled.  A girl who refused to live in a box because there was SO much more to life than that stinken box!

Here is where it gets funny. God put that boy, and the girl, together!  But guess what?  GOD, is amazing! And He knew that the boy needed the girl to push him outside the box once in awhile.  And that girl needed the boy to keep her grounded. 

And they lived Happily Ever After! Sometimes in the box, sometimes out, but always trying to listen to God and follow where He wanted them to be.Happy Birthday to my amazing husband, so thankful that God made him mine!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Love it! And the new pictures!

Mom to my China Posse said...

How sweet! You know that kinda sounds like me and my hubby but instead of life in a box were the family in the shoe! lol......

Anonymous said...

Haaa - you said that soooo perfectly! That's what makes life so exciting AND God's plans are always perfect - He certainly knew what He was doing when He brought you two together!