Sunday, March 07, 2010

Chinese New Year Pictures!

We had a fun time celebrating Chinese New Year with family and friends here at our house. In years past we have also attended our local FCC dinner, but since Mavery we have not braved it. We hope to eventually join in the fun of the Lion Dance and LOTS of kids! We do love our party to though. We did not have one last year due to Maverys heart surgery so technically this was her first year along with a few of our new friends! It is always a fun night of celebrating our girls. Our family has always been so supportive of our adoptions and it is a fun evening.
Sheila brought us these beautiful dresses back from China. The girls love them. What could be better, pink with fluffy skirts!
All of the Chinese princess'! From left to right. Mavery, Eden (home in October) Hadasah/Haddie (home in August) Hannah, Haddies sister (home in April 05) and Sage with her chinese smile!
Sweet sweet girls!
All of the gang! We sure did miss Colby & Dalayna. ;-( Notice the boy girl ratio, it is our life story!
All the beautiful girls!
The dessert buffet, yum! I did not get a good picture of it I guess, but Makenna & I made "sushi" or rice krispie treats. Yes, I know it is japanese, but the kids loved them.
Haddie, isn't she adorable! She is hilarious and makes us all laugh!
Makenna, Eden and Jordan! I love that these sweet friends share the connection of their sisters, what a blessing!
Amy made this adorable cake in honor of the year of the Tiger, isn't she great!
A shot of the food. We had another counter with the same amount, but we finished it all off! None of us cook chinese, or have time to cook, so everyone just brings a carry out dish. All yummy! I do hope to learn how to make dumplings.

One thing we always do is take up a collection and then I typically send it to China to one of the foundations that took care of our girls. This year, we took up a collection and presented it to my brother. Who is going to be living in China later this year! I missed a picture of him. Or most of the people there, we had lots of people!

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