Monday, February 20, 2012

Who me, stressed?

Well, the lice is still hanging around.  It is sneaky alright.

The other fun we are having here is strep throat. In the midst of the lice. It started on New Years Eve and is STILL making the rounds.

Kid who started it on NYE, tested positive for her THIRD round of it today.

Someone made a comment that "Strep throat used to be called a sore throat in the day."

Someone obviously has not heard how dangerous strep can be. OR been stuck in bed for days with it.

Sore throat, I WISH.

Because I am on my SECOND round of it, and if it was only about a sore throat I would be thrilled.

It has knocked me out out for the count. Fever, aches, exhaustion. Not a great combination for a mom.

Today, day 3 for me, I tried to get up and start cleaning house. And checking heads.

Which is when I found the lice. Which resulted in more laundry.

And cleaning.

And me back in bed from dizziness and shortness of breath.

I called the doctor when I suspected child 3 had her 3rd round of strep and just burst into tears on the phone. 

I am frustrated. I am sick of being sick. I am sick of pulling nits from hair and researching ways to get rid of it all. Or hearing advice on how to get rid of it all. But as a friend said..."The best thing about today, it won't last forever." And so I remind myself of that. This HAS to end. It could be worse. So for now I just keep swimming.


chinacalls said...

Shannon, I'm so sorry you're going through all of this and can only give one GOOD word of advice, SHAVE EVERYONE'S HEAD! If anyone asks why, just tell them you're family wanted to support Mark in his baldness. As for the strep, I'm not sure, I won't give advice on that : )

You are facing these challenges with more courage than I could, and I am so glad you have your blog and your humor, laugh through your tears, it is only a season. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes dogs can be strep carriers, if you have one I would have him/her checked at the vet. Hang in there!