Saturday, February 24, 2007

6 Months home/15 months old

I adore my big sister, and my pacifier still, not sure which is my favorite! ;)
Enjoying my first time out in the snow, it is cold!

Enjoying my first blizzard that mommy left sitting on the table.

Sorry behind on posting. It has been a little crazy here! We have been having lots of fun and lots of parties so I apologize! Chinese New Year Party pictures coming soon...

6 months home, half of a year! WOW, wow. I remember when we first came home and this time seemed so far off. But here we are. We have been home long enough that our agency would now allow us to apply for our next adoption. Hmmm... We have been home long enough that China feels like a dream, some of the things I thought I would never forget, are slowly fading already. And we have been home long enough that life is just life. We feel settled and we feel happy. Sage is not so much only the new baby, but just another one of us and that is a peaceful feeling.

On a side note, remember my wonderful new camera we JUST bought? Well w/ out naming names, (but it was not a sister who is guilty) it was knocked off and i guess the lens hit the end table just right. No fixing that baby, we had to buy a new lens. Nothing covers that damage. Life...

Sage stuff for 15 months

  • We are getting LOTS of teeth. We have officially 7 1/2, but her gums are SO swollen. I had her in the dr today and she said her molars are about through. I did not realize those came though before the middle teeth, but she did not find this odd. I HATE teething, to be honest worse than potty training. This has been by far the worst teether. Poor girl!
  • Weighs in at 20 pounds still. She is losing that baby chub from all the running.
  • moved to a big girl car seat! Still sitting backwards, did you know now they say backwards till 30pounds or till their legs are hitting, which hers are a ways off. She is so short!
  • Eats, and eats and eats still! Every time she eats she gets a bath, which she loves, hmm, maybe she has a plan here, and does understand what happens when she rubs food in her hair!
  • FINALLY gives kisses and it is the sweetest thing!
  • When she is tired, she will go and get an empty bottle out of the cabinet, bring it to me and say nightnight.
  • Sleeping, ask me once her teeth are in. For about a month now, she has been waking most every night. It is draining us. We are trying to figure out where to move her from our room, but till she sleeps better, feel she can't go near the other kids rooms. Mark says it is my own fault for bragging about her great sleeping. So no more bragging, I just want a full nights sleep!
  • She is into EVERYTHING! You can't take your eyes off of her. She can have the entire kitchen cabinets pulled apart in about 90 seconds. And if I try to put things back, by the time i have that done she is in a toilet, or emptied all the trashcans in the house, or shredded up a pile of papers, or destroyed my piles of laundry i had sorted, or dumped over the dogs water and food, or , need I say more? We don't do much sitting that is for sure!
  • She is becoming pretty friendly. Still not always sure once she first sees you if you can hold her, but let her warm up and she is NOT shy! Especially w/ her walking, she walks right up to everyone and grabs on to them, digs in their purse, very curious to figure everything out.
  • Loves to "color" and draw!
  • Loves music.
  • Loves stuffed animals and baby dolls.

We are due for our 15 month checkup now. More shots, how fun! We had our 6 month home study visit last week. Our social worker asked me if i had my application ready to turn in for our next adoption.! Who knows what will happen. We are open to the Lords plan for our lives and if that includes another, He will make it happen. Right now we are so busy keeping up w/ 4 our heads are spinning most days! But despite the fact that the house is in chaos, the laundry piled sky high and we are not sleeping, we continue to count our blessings and know every smile we see, every kiss we get and hearing the pitter pat of 4 pairs of feet(or the stomps and jumps!)is a true gift and for that we are thankful.

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