Thursday, February 08, 2007

So, Do you think he needs a Brother?

Poor Sawyer. Girls EVERYWHERE! He does have a very cute bedroom of his own that is a Pirate Theme. Murals on the walls, an actual pirate ship for a bed. However, he does not want to sleep alone. He wanted to share Malaine's room. We reminded him that it was pink, but pink is better than sleeping alone. He did ask me to take down the butterfly pictures that were hanging over the bed and replace it w/ a spongebob calendar. And yes, he is playing Holly Hobby with his sister. What do you do when you have ALL sisters? Of course the holly hobbys were being kidnapped and held for ransom or something along those lines! If Mark questions on if he should be playing girl stuff, I remind him, China does have boys!

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Leda Perry said...

Oh my, they do have LOTS of little boy cuties waiting in the SN lists. Many them with their health concerns already repaired.

Check out this cleft cutie:

And there are so many other just like him who would love to have a big brother like Sawyer :)