Monday, April 23, 2007

17 Months

Falling behind on my updates, life is so crazy! And this will be a short one, promise a big one for next month. As you can see, it is very hard to catch Sage looking at the camera this month. About 90% of our pictures, she is looking down, or anywhere but me! And my camera is fast, she is faster. Always, ALWAYS moving. Speaking of cameras, our lens is broke, AGAIN! This time not our fault, just jammed up. But not a lot of pictures of everything we have going on. Quick Sage stuff:

  • Did I mention busy? She moves, and moves and has no fear at all. Isn't it fun to climb up on the bed and throw yourself off and then laugh and laugh? Or to go under in the bathtub and come up laughing, over and over? Or to just run, and run and run, no matter where we are? Spicy Girl? you bet!
  • I am hoping not, but we have had a few signs of temper tantrums. I am trying to pretend that is not happening, but I am pretty sure when I had to drag her out of church last night kicking and screaming because I took a crayon away she was coloring a pew w/, it was a tantrum. Sigh..
  • She LOVES to eat. I guess all that moving, you have to store up your energy! She eats anything and everything. Sad to say, but she can eat a cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds. Malaine doesn't even eat that much! She can also drink soda from a straw, I really should not admit that should I? But the straw thing is new for her.
  • Has added lots more words and repeats so much of what we say. her favorite is to shake her hand and say no, when she knows she is doing a no no!
  • She loves to play shy, but she just is not at all. She hides her face when someone talks to her, but give her a second and she is singing or talking to you. And if you have something that looks neat, a cellphone, keys, they will soon be hers!
  • She loves music. Loud and fast!That might go along w/ the energy thing! she dances and sings, way to cute!
  • her favorite song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider and she can do all the hand motions to that. Also loves to sing Jesus Loves me and when we say He is Strong, she puts her arms up in the air and makes the funniest face! She knows Jesus is strong for sure!
  • Not sleeping again. This seems to be about every other post we go through this. Wakes almost every night, wide awake for hours. Tired, we are very tired.

Next month will be her doctor check up. Praise the Lord, but we have not seen the dr in a few weeks now! This has been a full month and I am bummed I don't have pictures of more things. I helped to host a MOPS retreat w/ about 35 ladies overnight, Makenna & I went on an overnight school field trip to Turkey Hill Bible Ranch Camp, which was much more fun than I expected, I am just not the camping type, Easter, the kids sang in a school program, a church program, Cardinal game, and I turned 32 this month! We are counting down the days to summer vacation for sure! (I think, 4 kids home, I may be counting down the days till school starts!) We are heading on our first weekend getaway as a family of 6 this weekend, so hope to post after that!

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Mom-of-5 said...

Glad to read things are going well. Yep- it's busy but the best busy in the world !