Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Colored eggs with 4 kids, LOTS of fun, and lots of cracked eggs!
Little Bunny Qiao Qiao
My parents, brother and Great Grandpa
On our way to church, and it is cold!

Sage with her ONLY egg, I did not want a pink baby for Easter!

Jaylyn & Adley, Sweet Sisters
Celebrating with Resurrection eggs..
Sage enjoyed her first Easter, especially finding candy in those eggs!

My aunt, uncle & cousins
Mark's brother & wife My niece and nephew, Tyler & Graham w/ Amy

My aunt, uncle and cousins

We had a very Happy Easter.. We celebrated here with about 40 of our family. I think we had 15 children, so lots of fun! Despite the chilly weather, the kids found eggs and we loved the new tradition our friends Bob & Colette brought to us, hiding Resurrection eggs with the Easter eggs. After the hunt the kids helped to tell the Easter story. I think Easter is best summed up by the words of our children. Jesus was born, so that He could die, so that He would rise again and we could go to Heaven. Amen!

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