Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hunan Sisters

Splashin Fun!
Sage & Tatumn
Happy Hunan Spicy Sisters!
Hi Friend!
So very far behind on post's. We were so excited to get to visit with our friends the Crawfords a few weekends back. Stephanie is my friend who makes all the great hairbows. She and I met online during the neverending wait for our daughters. We were able to meet in person a few times, she lives just a few hours away. It was a sweet blessing to find out our girls lived together at Chenzhou, true Hunan "sisters". Though we live just a few hours apart, we have not been able to see each other till recently. Tatumn is the first baby we have seen since China from our group, and what a sweet site! As you can see, getting pictures of 2 babies is not easy, but they were quite the pair together! It did my heart good to see all of the Crawfords. Walking the road of adoption together, watching each other hold those babies for the first time in China, and seeing the girls together now... Our hearts are still smiling!


Mom of 5 said...

How cute !
We love our hairbows !
How fun getting the girls together.

Ryan and Heather said...

They're so sweet! I love that both of the girls have painted toe nails! Sooooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

so very cute, very sweet.
Sages hair is so long