Thursday, June 07, 2007

A new Referral

No, we are not announcing our next child, though one just never knows what you might see when you drop in here someday! ;) One thing we have said over and over is that God has not only allowed us the amazing gift of a child through adoption, but He has been so gracious to also give us SO many new friends to walk "adoption" with. I met Renee way back when we were waiting to finish up our paperwork, she was just starting the long, LONG road to her daughter. She worked with one of my close friends who helped us meet. We encouraged each other and whined to each other alot about the neverending wait. She was LID just a little over 4 months later than us. Well a full year after we recieved our referral(which shows you exactly how slow things are going) she FINALLY got her referral for this beautiful baby girl! Isn't she just darling? Her name is Qian Li Tong and she was born on October 10,2006, so not quite 8 months old. One neat thing is that Renee was thinking she would name her Lili and of course when she saw her name was Li she knew. God is so good at giving us those red thread pictures with our babies. This is just another sweet reminder of God's amazing plan, and the reason we mommies are forced to wait.

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Mom of 5 said...

Absolutely beautiful !!
Congrats to them ...