Monday, July 09, 2007

Late Fathers Day Pictures

Mark and his Dad
My Grandpa and my Dad

I am getting farther and farther behind, so look for more posts this week. I did not want to miss posting these photos from fathers day. These 4 men play such key roles in my life. My grandpa is my only living grandparent, my mothers father. Mark and I are blessed beyond words to have parents and grandparents who have given to us a Godly heritage. They love the Lord and have instilled in us a love for Him as well. We are thankful for that, and for the opportunity to carry on that legacy with our own children.

Of course I am also thankful for my husband. If you know him, you know he is an amazing father as well as husband. So many things I love about him, so here is our family's top 10 of why we think he is GREAT!

  1. He does not consider it a "job" to help with the kids. I never have to worry about leaving him with 4 kids on his own. I know he won't even complain. In fact, if I am leaving on an overnight, I think he enjoys making sure the kids have extra fun!

  2. He lets me sleep in. He gets up w/ our early birds and feeds them breakfast.

  3. He totally does equal share with anything to do w/ kids.

  4. He is very patient, obviously, he puts up w/ me and is able to work from home full time w/ a house full of chaos!

  5. If I come up w/ a crazy idea, even when he disagrees(which is normally) he is willing to be wrong and listen to God's answer.

  6. When I was pregnant he would drive and get me coke icee's every day and go through the drive through of burger king for pickles because I needed them!

  7. He helps with laundry, is the offical floor mopper, bath giver and hamster cage cleaner!
  8. I truley believe he would rather be with his family than anywhere else.
  9. He is a human calculator and I stink at math!
  10. He Loves the Lord.

Coming Next: Sage's Dedication, 4th of July, and Our Childrens Hope Reunion!!

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