Saturday, July 14, 2007

I prayed for this child.....

Our Chinese Prayer Come True!
Our Pastor
All the babies being dedicated and our church support
Spicy Smiles!
Sage & Adley

I prayed for this child and the Lord has given what I asked of Him. For her whole life she will be given to the Lord.... 1 Samuel 1 : 27-28
On Fathers Day, we had Sage dedicated. Typically our church holds a dedication service, you say yes I want to be in it and you get up there and repeat what they tell you to repeat. This year was different. They asked us to fill out an "application", and that just really made me do some soul searching about baby dedication. Of course w/ all our children we have believed they are a true gift from God. Before Makenna I was convinced we might not have children, and so I have no doubt, they are a gift. We dedicated each of them and we believed they were His. But this time it was just different. I am sure filling out an application was the start. The questions were things such as: Why do you want to dedicate your child? What do pray for your child? What is your plan to raise them to know Christ? What are your dreams for for your child, especially their walk with Christ? and what scriptures are special to you for your child.
It just made me start thinking. We know we are blessed beyond words to parent 4 children. Some think we are crazy, it is a bunch of kids! But oh we are so thankful for this craziness! We also know that these children, are ours for now. But in the end, they are the Fathers. We are simply being granted the privilege to teach them and train them to love Him. I think Sage is such a testimony of that. For SO many months we waited, and we waited, and we waited. I did not like waiting. I still look back at that wait and cringe. It is then God whispers, remember? She is MINE! She was mine and I held her and I decided when she would be in your arms. And when he whispers that, I have these panic moments. Because as i pray for Sage and I wonder about her walk with Christ, my prayer always is that she will love Him and follow Him. And sometimes I want to add, but only if it means to follow Him here with me! Yet I know that if she follows Him back to China, if that is where He takes her someday, it will be OK. She was His from the beginning and she will always be safe in His love.
So this baby dedication was just a little more different, a little more thought provoking, very sweet. One very special part is that Sage was dedicated with her cousin Adley. We know they are going to be best buddies!


Mom of 5 said...

Great pictures !!
What a great day for you.

the gove family said...

I love this post--you put it so well--how different it is with our spicy girls. How much more time we pondered and waited and prayed for them. it is awesome that they are here in our families and that we do get to raise them. That God has allowed us the chance to raise any of His children is amazing, but these ones, especially, is really awesome.

Lilly said...

Such a special part of your family, what a blessing!!!