Friday, April 09, 2010

Baby Chicks!


On Fridays we attend a home school co-op and are able to take some fun classes. Not in place of what I teach, just as extra fun. The kids take things such as art where Makenna has been able to really do well at her sketching. Sawyer's favorite this year is Robotics where they use computers and lego's together, what could be better! Malaine enjoys anything that her cousin Jaylyn is in, I think her favorite is The Magic School bus. Even Sage & Mavery get to take a few things. This year for the first time I decided I would teach a class. You can basically choose anything you want to teach on, so I thought it would be fun to do a class based on the American Girl dolls. We have had so much fun! Sometime I will share all the excitement we have had in there, but I came across these pictures today and wanted to share. Each week we cover a different girl, and on the week we learned about Kirsten, my co-teacher and dear friend thought it would be great fun to bring in baby chicks! So off to Rural King we went (local farm store) and purchased our minimum of 25 baby chicks. I took just a handful home for the night, and my kids sure enjoyed them! They are pretty cute I must admit, though I am in no hurry to raise chickens for sure!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Nice to see you back!! Love all the Easter pictures, you really do well with the matching! ha I try and then when I pick a color it seems there at least one or two sizes I cant find in that color! ha

Those baby chicks our soooooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

how cute are those chicks!! you are such a wonderful mom! Love the little girls blue striped outfits too!
Shannon F.