Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

I know, I hear ya, I am a blogging loser. I have a whole list of excuses, but they are lame even to me. I really do want to catch up, hopefully I will very soon. But I wanted to at least share my Easter cuties from today along with some quotes from the kids.
On Saturday night before bed we did the resurrection eggs as a family. As Mark was asking what came out of Jesus when they pierced his side Malaine says " I think his appendix came out!"
When asked where Jesus prayed, Malaine said " OH wasn't it in the forest?!"
Sage, is able to tell the entire story in her Sagey way. "And then they nailed Jesus on the cross, and they stuck him in a cave and put a HUGE stone in front of it but after 3 days he rose again and rolled that stone away and now we get to go to heaven! " (all said in one breath) Last was so sweet from Mavery. When we opened the nails, in the shape of a cross, she grabbed it and jumped up and said, "Jesus died for ALL OF US on the cross, so we can go to heaven!" If you know Mavery, you know she is very animated and watching her tell this was so precious. To think of this child just coming home a year ago, and already getting that Jesus died for us, it melts my heart. Well that is till today Mavery asks my dad "Where is your daddy?" My dad replied that his dad died. Mavery: Oh, did he die on the cross too?! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Easter looked like a fun time! Easter egg hunts are my favorite!
Shannon F.