Saturday, April 09, 2011

Countdown to China

I can't believe it, it seems we have been planning and talking of this trip forever, and in just 55 days we are FINALLY getting on this...

My least favorite part of the trip.  Flying.  Believe me, I have looked into other avenues to get to China.  I am pretty excited that we fly from Vancouver, and that is ONLY 11 hours to China! Regardless of how much I do not like flying, my eyes are on the reason we go.

Babies! And kids! And even some teens we hope!  I can not wait to love on each and everyone one of those who wait.  Preparing for the trip has really been amazing.  I am pretty sure I am going to need about this much luggage...

If not more!  I have an AMAZING team going with me.  At one point I was scared we were not going to have enough, I could not get anyone to commit.  But you know what?? I now have THIRTEEN! 12 girls and ONE brave guy going with us!  Half of the team is made up of people I have not met from all across the US.  Though we have not met in person, we have enjoyed chatting on Facebook, emails and I know we are going to have a wonderful trip.  They are all working hard getting donations to take with us, which is why we will need all the suitcases.  

The adoption world is such an amazing place and through it I have been so blessed to make new friends.  One of the ladies going on our trip is Lori.   
My friend Monte sent me to Lori's blog awhile back.  I immediately liked her, and emailed to ask if she would be interested in going to China with me.  She said yes.   She has a huge heart for the orphans, and is hilarious, so check out her blog.  She put out a list of our needs for China, and had half our suitcases filled in one day.  AMAZING. 

As soon as some of the other members on my team get their blogs going, I will link them in, because I am super excited about each of them! They have all been such an encouragement to me and I know God is going to do life changing things with our team.  

Plans are coming along.  In China and as far as me trying to organize being away for 2 weeks.  Mark is going to have some fun!  ;-)   I think he is just worried I am going to come back with this little Angel...

And if it was as easy to just stick in her my suitcase, I would! 

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