Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Merry Christmas 2011

                                        December in Review
  • Mark and I had a weekend away in Branson. 
  • We hosted our Sunday School Group here. 
  • I hosted a Christmas Youth Party at church.  Fun and Crazy times!
  • Enjoyed Breakfast with Santa at Eckerts
  • Drove through the Lights at Santa's Magical Kingdom.
  • I managed to watch 2 seasons of Parenthood. 
  • And read all 3 of the Hunger Games in 5 days. ;-)
  • I did not sleep much. 
  • We had our Family Fondue Christmas. YUM! 
  • Christmas upon Christmas Party with family.
  • We had the Annual Nativity which was as hilarious as always. Hope I can get it posted here.
  • Were joined by Shane & Elisa from China through Skype for Christmas Eve. 
  • Visited with Marks brother and family in from Georgia. 
  • Makenna & I traveled to Youth Encounter. Obviously she as a youth, me as a well not youth. 
  • I actually enjoyed it, loud music and all.
  • Ate & ate and ate and ate
I think that about wraps it up! It was crazy and loud and fun. We stayed up late, we slept late, we played and played. I think Sage's prayer on Christmas though was the highlight. 
"Dear God, I hope this is your BEST birthday ever, AMEN".   

I hope your Christmas was Merry & Bright!

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