Monday, January 02, 2012

One Word

I have heard this concept a few times and had been mulling over it. I am a big fan of January and the new promises that it can hold. I ENJOY making resolutions, lists of things that I AM going to change in this new year.

And typically by February, if not sooner, the lists are tucked away. I am back in the old habits and stuck right where I have always been.

So when I heard this idea about claiming a WORD, just one word, instead of a whole list of resolutions, it stuck in my head. It seemed so simple. To easy perhaps. Not enough details for me.

But the more I thought on it, the more I liked the idea. ONE word, that I could cling to each day. ONE word, from God, that could encompass exactly what it is HE wants me to change.

One word that could remind me to keep going. Not a list of things that I might fail at. Just one.

So I have been thinking, WHAT is MY word going to be?  I mentally went through my list of resolutions that I once again NEED to work on.  The usual never ending list that I can't seem to get on top of. I tried to come up with a word that could cover ALL of that list. Self Control was certainly up at the top. Patience. Grace.

But it was clear the Lord was not giving those to me.

And so I waited, and He did.

My word for 2012 is....


Websters defines Awake :

  1: to cease sleeping
2: to become aroused or active again
3: to become conscious or aware of something <awoke to the possibilities>

And what does the Bible say about the word Awake?

Ephesians 5:14
For anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Isaiah 50:4
The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary. Morning by morning he awakens; he awakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.

Psalm 17:15

As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness (rightness, justice, and right standing with You); I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake [to find myself] beholding Your form [and having sweet communion with You].

 Psalm 119:148
My eyes anticipate the night watches and I am awake before the cry of the watchman, that I may meditate on Your word.

 Matthew 26:41
All of you must keep awake (give strict attention, be cautious and active) and watch and pray, that you may not come into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Revelation 3:3
So call to mind the lessons you received and heard; continually lay them to heart and obey them, and repent. In case you will not rouse yourselves and keep awake and watch, I will come upon you like a thief, and you will not know or suspect at what hour I will come.

 And then some quotes that struck me...

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens
Carl Jung

the best dreams happen when you are awake.

Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.   Thoreau, Henry David

I think there are many reasons awake is MY word He gave me.  I want to be AWAKE for so many things, in so many areas. I am pleading with the Lord to awaken my soul to HIM and what He has for me this year.  To keep me AWAKE (fully present) for the moments I have with my children. To let my heart AWAKE to things I need to change.  To STAY awake more because if you know me, you know I LIKE my sleep! 

I am excited and anxious to see how the Lord reveals and uses this word through out 2012. I have also asked the rest of my household to claim a word, and that they would be in prayer and let the Lord give them their word.  If you would like you can check out one of the sights I read about this idea.
And then what really pushed me was reading about it on my friend Lori's blog here

Awaken 2012!


Mom to my China Posse said...

You inspire me!

Jodi said...

Love it! Awake is the perfect word!

Our family: said...

I love your post and I love the word that the Lord gave you! He just used it to stir and awaken me too!