Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeing an Angel

On our way home from the beach we hit our old town we called home for a short time. It has been years since we had been back to Charlotte, not to mention that we had some Chinese kiddo's we were anxious to see!

Our first stop was to visit with an Angel. You might remember me sharing my heart on her here. 
While in China last year I was able to meet her at the Butterfly House, but I could not wait to see her HOME in her mama's arms! And so I did!
My little prayer warrior getting to see her answered prayers come to life! 

She was not so sure about me, unlike last year where she let me love on her. But that is GOOD! She has a mama now, a whole family that is HERS. Oh she is gorgeous! She is loved, and adored.
Hunan Girls!!
It was a bit hard. We KNOW that God placed her exactly where she is supposed to be. But oh my heart... i had spent many days of praying and envisioning her as my own last year.

SO so thankful to meet her family and KNOW that she is in the perfect family for her. A family that loves the Lord and adores her. THAT does a heart good!

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