Monday, December 24, 2012

Family Time Christmas 2012

We had a few fun family activities we did the week of Christmas. We visited the new and improved Incredible Pizza Company where we had a blast. We went in with gift cards and their machine was not ready yet. They allowed our family of 7 to enter FREE, which is a really big deal. We had so much fun playing together that day. And eating together of course, that place has the best cinnamon rolls. 

A tradition I have started with the home school kids is taking them to Cracker Barrel for breakfast right before school gets out on break. They don't get a class party so this is our party. We all look forward to the AMAZING cinnamon roll french toast. First year Makenna has not been along, we were sad.

 And our most highly anticipated tradition is our candlelight dinner we do each year. We have a fancy dinner that we would not normally have on fancy China that we never use with fancy goblets and grape juice.

 The kids draw a name of a sibling and we take turns over the month shopping for that sibling. All being a surprise of who has who and who chose what. I love how much thought they put into the gifts.

 These 2 are obviously just weird. 

Ok I love all of our traditions and they are all my favorite. On Christmas Eve we have a big old slumber party in our room. It has been interesting over the years as we have brought in pack and plays for babies, toddler beds for kids who refused to sleep in anything but their own bed. I hope that the kids will always look back on these things with fond memories. Especially if they are in therapy telling about what crazy parents we are. We started our morning this year with reading the Christmas story from the Bible before we even left the bed. So sweet.

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