Sunday, April 14, 2013

Processing the Process

So, how IS the process going?

And HOW does the process go?

It goes. And it goes slow.

Though overall I guess it is moving along.

So far we have:

Met twice with our Social Worker. 2 more meetings to go.

We have been fingerprinted by Illinois AND cleared with in 2 days.

Go Illinois! I never uttered those words in the previous adoptions.

We have had clearances come back from Illinois, North Carolina and our local police department stating we have never been arrested. Still waiting on Pennsylvania for their clearance. Boo PA, you get last place.
(this is because you have to have a letter from every place you have lived, thankfully we quit at 3 states)

We have filled out a 28 page autobiography each.

Have watched 10 hours of online training and 4 hours of in person training.

Have solicited for 5 referral letters and 2 guardianship letters.

Have copied every financial paper (taxes/insurance) in our house along with all employee letters, special doctor letters, etc and so on.

Have obtained all marriage (that would just be one) and birth certificates.

Finishing up all doctors (each person in house) visits this week and next.

We have promised and shown our smoke alarms all work, we don't have a pool, we don't have guns, our animals are vaccinated, we don't beat our children, we will give them healthy water, we will allow social workers to visit us for the next 5 years, and that we will pay an insane amount of money to do all of the above.

Check, check and check.

This part I can handle. I am a really good list maker and a fair list checker.

Once the homestudy is written, prayerfully by the end of this month, it will move on to state level to be approved. Go Illinois? (PLEASE!?)

THEN we apply for a teeny tiny very important piece of paper that I am certain is going to be my nemesis. This would issued from our federal government. Deciding if we are suitable to adopt a child. Believe me, the irony that the government decides this, in their timing, does not escape me. (adopt babies, we put you through the ringer. Abort babies, step right up. What is wrong with this world?) We will just pray. Pray hard that we would find favor quickly. But quickly is most likely months.

When that gets back, we get all of the millions of gathered papers, state certified and authenticated. Or in others words we pay a whole bunch of money to have them stamped at the capital of Illinois & the Chinese Embassy in Chicago.

After that, the papers are China bound!

When will we get matched with a child? Good question. I do have to say, since I have done things both ways, this way IS easier. With Sage we had our paperwork in, received referral. Mavery we found and THEN started paperwork. Emotionally drained us.

So, right now I am ok waiting.

And THAT is the only time you will probably EVER hear me say that.


Suzy said...

Is it a rule that you can't adopt from China if you have a pool? Or is that an Illinois rule?

ShannonL said...

If you have a pool you just have to take a first aide class and prove it is safe. You can still adopt.

Emily said...

Girl, you have made TREMENDOUS progress!!!!!!!


Jodi said...

so glad to hear things are going forward at a good pace!! praying for y'all and for your new addition!!