Monday, April 01, 2013

A few questions answered

-We have signed a contract with Madison Adoption Agency.
-We do NOT have a particular child we are matched with.
-Yes we are going to China for a special needs child.
-We are open to boy OR girl, 0-12 years old. J
-I AM still going to China in July, of course.
-AND will continue to be connected with that orphanage. Trips will NOT stop. We just need to pray through the options. 
-Kids are thrilled, though they each have an opinion on who our new child should be. Ranging from older boys to babies that I could put inside my belly to another middle child, to kids we love and pray for and everywhere in between.
-No we do not have the money for another adoption. Remember Dave Ramsified?  Hopefully we learned enough through that to do this with little  no debt. 
-Fundraising? Am I ever NOT fundraising?? 
- We are not sure on timeline but we are guessing we will be traveling early next year. 
-YES Mark actually DID agree to this! :-) The fact that after pictures yesterday he said NEXT TIME we adopt... did not escape me. 
-How, why, WHAT, all to be answered soon! 

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Jodi said...

Shannon, I could not be more excited for y'all!!! overwhelmed with joy!!! God has your perfect child/ren waiting for you! sooo happy for you!