Sunday, May 05, 2013

Clearances Cleared!


Pennsylvania came through!

Ok, I totally know it was all God, but since I put PA down in the last post I figured I should give them a bit of credit.

But really, look how God works!

I prayed and asked everyone else to pray that those clearances would be in my mail before Monday.

Thursday, nothing.

Friday, nothing and a bit of worry they would not be there.

Saturday, I go out and the mail has not arrived. I text Mark and ask him to please pray that when the mail arrives, the clearances are there. Pray now.

5 minutes later I walk out and THEY WERE THERE!

LOVE seeing God show off like that.

That phone call on Monday said 6-8 weeks.

But God!!!!!

So thankful and feeling excited to see what else is going to happen here.

The next prayer is that Illinois would have a quick turn around.

We waited 6 weeks for our approval last time.

2 weeks is my prayer this time.

Or less.

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Jodi said...

yahooooo!!!! and praying with you!!!!