Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Homestudy SO close

So what is happening in paper purgatory you wonder? NOTHING. Well nothing enough for ME to be excited about. 

Last week our Pennsylvania clearances arrived at the house. When I saw the envelope I was so excited. Till I opened it and saw it said we were REJECTED. Why you ask? Because I did not list our parents names as having lived with them. WHY would I think they actually want my parents names for MY child abuse clearance? I quickly RE filled it out and sent it off. Today I called to see if I could check on the status. The recording said to expect a 6 -8 week wait and the call volume was high so call back later to speak to a representative. 

Pennsylvania, I will never reside in your state again. Unless by some miracle that form arrives before my final meeting with my Social Worker on Monday. And then I probably won't reside in you anyways, but I might not be so angry. 

We also had a scare with one of Mark's blood tests. Not a scare about the test because we knew it was wrong. A scare that it could cost us an extra 6-8 weeks. Praise the Lord a re-test at a new lab and all is well. We are done with everything WE can be done with. Just waiting.

 On Monday I meet with the Social Worker for our final visit and then she submits the homestudy to the state. Maybe Illinois will pleasantly surprise us. 
 This part is just frustrating. YES I know it is in God's hands and I don't doubt that. BUT the fact of how backwards the system is infuriates me. When you KNOW there are children waiting. In this day and age we are still handwriting forms and mailing them back and forth. Kids in school get textbooks on their IPAD but government forms are handwritten. I don't get it.
So, that is that. Besides adoption, life goes on. 2 months from today and I will be back to my beloved China for our mission trip. We have a busy summer as always. Life slows down for summer but gets crazier all at the same time. I know that I plan to enjoy it to the fullest with the five miracles that are here knowing that life is going to be so, so different the following summer. 

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Jodi said...

it is so frustrating!!!!! Stay strong!!!! Praying for you trip this summer!! Sooo hope that one day I can join y'all!!