Monday, October 14, 2013

Mavery Would like to introduce to you.....


Amazingly we all slept in today. After the crazy busy weeks we have had, we needed it. We met a few families at breakfast and then headed to the church where we would be in training. 

There were no signs of the dogs, but the room quickly filled up with families. 12 people were receiving dogs! They went over a few things and then started bringing them in. At this point you still have no idea what dog you are getting. 

They brought in German Shepherds and I was really hoping they were not ours. Beautiful dogs but they are just big and scary looking to me! Thankfully they passed us by. 

I am not sure I mentioned that Mavery had requested a Golden Retriever. It is all she has talked about. We told her we just had no idea and she needed to be happy with whatever. We prayed this morning together that God would just give her the perfect dog. 

Next dog walks in is a golden retriever and they came straight to Mavery! She looks back at me and said, she is just what I always wanted! 

Her name is Pixie and she was born on June 21st, 2012. These dogs go through a variety of training. We were pretty excited to find out part of her training was in a family with kids! As you can see in the photo below, we need SUPER calm. 

In the class are 4 Goldens. 3 Labs, 2 Standard Poodles, 2 German Shepherds and a Great Dane! After introductions they quickly were teaching commands. About half the dogs are medical alert dogs and it was amazing when TWICE today one of them was already in tune knowing their persons blood levels were off. (red vest means medical alert, blue means therapy dog) 

Mavery did really well overall working with Pixie. She is not quite as stern as she needs to be, but by the end of the day she was remembering what to say. Basically Pixie does not move with out Mavery's say. And amazingly overall that is what she does. By the end of the day Mavery was done. 

Dinner was with the group at Pizza Hut and what a site to see 12 dogs calmly laying on the floor at the feet of their peoples. Not begging or barking or fighting with each other. 

Personally I had kind of hoped for a non shedding dog, and that is not what we got. Hair everywhere! BUT when they brought her to Mavery and said her name and I saw Mavery's face I knew this was exactly who Mavery needed. The litter Pixie was in is named after people who never wanted to grow up. 

The saying went through my head from Peter Pan, Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust. And isn't that what our journey with our children is? Especially these children whom had a life before we met them? Faith to say yes.  Trust that the Lord is going to bring them home to us and that no matter what, we will get through. And that pixie dust, the magical moments of seeing our children HOME, ours and loved. The spirit moving as we struggle and settle and grow and figure out this dance of life. 

I was not sure I wanted a dog sleeping with Mavery, but how do you say no to this? 

Tomorrow we will be back for another full day of training. We will visit a Nursing Home as our outing. We are ready for another day full of Magic and Pixie Dust for sure! 


Anonymous said...

Mavery and Pixie are a perfect match. I can see the thrill in Miss Mavery's eyes. Keep the post coming.

Anonymous said...

That post was from me, Renee Sattazahn. I have always wanted a golden retriever also. Maybe I can come hug on yours.