Friday, October 11, 2013

Malaine's 11th on October 11th!

We celebrated Malaine's Golden birthday this year! 11 on 10/11!! She is our golden girl for sure! People will ask, does she always smile? And as you can see from her baby photo's, yep, she has always and continues to ALWAYS smile! 

 She is the middle child and just easy! She has the gift of encouragement and she is always looking for ways to make you happy. If I am having a bad day she is the one who will be sure to give me lots of hugs and tell me what a great mom I am! It is great having your own cheerleader!

We are so thankful for that sweet spirit. This year she has started piano lessons and she works so hard and is doing a great job quickly learning to play! She is doing amazing at gymnastics and also loves singing in the choir and being a part of AWANA.

On her birthday we went with some friends to an event near home by Danah Gresh. She was not that thrilled with the event, but she loved the dinner with friends! 
Malaine will be joining us on this China trip and she is SO excited to finally walk the halls of the orphanage that she has only seen in pictures. She knows every child there by name and can tell you more about them than I can sometimes! She has a heart for those children and I can't wait to see her holding some of the faces she has prayed for!

Happy Birthday Lainey Bug! We are so blessed by you every day. We pray you always keep that smile and heart for others. Love you so much!

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Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Melaine! Can't wait to see you in China!