Friday, November 01, 2013

Mavery is 8!!!

If anyone had a memorable birthday this year it would be Ms Mavery! 2 weeks before she turned 8 she met her new service dog and friend, Pixie! THEN on her actual birthday we drove for our vacation to Orlando, Florida!  Not sure that will ever be beat! 

Mavery has continued in gymnastics this year, and she is really good! She enjoys school and while routine IS good for her, I am also seeing that being home can be really good too. 

We still see her heart doctor every 6 months and the last report was good. No change in 2 years now, which is a huge praise! We know eventually there will be more surgeries but we are thankful if we can put them off till she is older. (and when technology is even better) 

Mavery continues to keep us on our toes. I know I say it over and over but I know the Lord has given Mavery to us to teach us. She has stretched us and grown us more than we ever knew we needed to grow. Some days I don't care to learn, I never was a very good student. But in those moments when I stop and ENJOY the stretching, I see God's hand so strongly on all of us. 
Mavery loves BIG and I know that God has BIG plans for her life! Happy 8th birthday sweet girl! You are deeply loved. 

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