Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From a week long cruise to weekend B&B

On our honeymoon we promised a romantic beach trip back to Mexico for our 5th anniversary.

At our 5th anniversary we were building a house so we went to Branson. We promised for our 10th anniversary, we would have our romantic beach trip.

At our 10th anniversary we were building another house and taking care of a child with a ruptured appendix so we spent the day in the hospital. I think we stayed in St Louis for a weekend around that, and we said we would go for our 11th. We went to China instead. SO we PROMISED at our 15th anniversary we would have a romantic week long beach trip.

Then we decided to adopt again in our 14th year which meant we left our children again. Which means we owe them a family vacation and we already told you where that is.

Which means for our 15th anniversary, we will be celebrating in a weekend close to home. But instead of our typical stay in a hotel weekend, we decided to venture out and try a Bed & Breakfast. I do not know what it is, but those have always scared me. So pretty and fancy looking, eating breakfast at a designated time meaning I have to get out of bed when they say, just never appealed to me. But we decided to "walk on the wild side" and try out our first B & B. And this one looks pretty in a not so cheesy way to me. Don't you think? Check it out here if you would like!

Now I know that some NEVER leave their children so the fact that we are not getting our beach trip is not a big deal and probably shudder at the thought that we even consider leaving ours for a week or even a weekend! But my husband was around before our children and will be around after the children have left my house. It is important to us that we show our children that WE are important to each other to. He enjoys to get away with ME only, and if you know all the amazing stuff he does for us, I think you would agree that he deserves these trips. So, I am holding out hope that for our 20th Anniversary, we will celebrate our marriage on a beach, alone. (and not a beach in China or anything!) Till then I suppose a weekend in the middle of nowhere is perfect!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Love your new blog look! And before I forget please email me and tell me where you got those adorable red shoes that once was your header. The B&B looks wonderful!!! We got married at Emory Creek B&B near Branson and loved it!! We had always hoped to return and for all the reasons you described we never have. day the kids will be gone...we will be alone all we want...and we will probably wish we could turn back the clocks of time to when our lives were busy raising children. :)


Mom to my China Posse said...

Love the new look! I totally agree Mommies and daddies need to get away for some alone time ever now and then, its good for the kids to. Hey want to watch my 7! lol........

The Hickels said...

B&Bs can be amazing! Greg and I really enjoy staying in them (though we haven't for a long time for many of the reasons you highlighted). Most we've stayed in have been winners and we've longed to go back. Enjoy!

p.s. Some will bring breakfast trays to your room....

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look! Never been in a B&B but I'm sure it will be enjoyable! I think TJ and Amy did it a while back and they liked it - was BK (before kids)! Have a great time!

Cassie said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. I so want to change mine but as computer illiterate as I am I am afraid to lose anything. I almost did it once but it warned me about losing something. Richard was supposed to look at it and do it for me... as he is computer KING in this house but alas it never got done.

B&B I swear by them. Richard had never been to one before and we went for our 3/4 anniversary I think it was and he loved it. The one we went to was also served 5 star food and was listed in the national book on B&Bs. The one you are going to looooks just fantastic. I hope you have a GREAT time and just enjoy the time you share together without kids.

We never had a honeymoon so I am looking forward to one for our 10th in hopes Richard will plan one..LOL

Again have a GRRRRRRRRRRREAT time.


M and M Girls said...

I love B&Bs. I hope you enjoy your stay. The new look of the blog is great.