Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maverys First Haircut

The first time I took Mavery into get hair cuts with us, she SCREAMED when she heard the razor come on and started grabbing her hair. She was sure she did not want anyone touching her head! (and with good reason as she was so anxious for that buzz to grow out!) But yesterday, 6 months later, she was SOO excited to get up in the chair and get a cut like the rest of the kids! She did great, she really did and was so proud of her cut. (which was really just a trim of her bangs) and a little in the back to even it out. I think she looks younger with her bangs short, and reminds me of when I first met her more. Her cheeks look rounder, if that is possible! I will get a better picture of her soon.

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Amy in Arizona said...

She looks so cute with her trim!! I've been tempted to trim Presley's. Her hair is always in her face if it's not pulled back.