Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sage & Sawyer Hair Issues

We have such opposite hair in this house. Sawyer has more hair than 3 of the girls combined. He always thinks he wants to let it grow out, but it turns into a big bush and just does not work. So we are all happiest when he has his head shaved. And he is not capable of just smiling for a picture, what is it about boys?
Sage has very thin hair. It grows fast, but stays thin. My mother is always on me to cut it. I am not sure if she is convinced this will make it grow faster (it won't) or if she just does not like it straggly, I mean wispy or thin or whatever we want to call it. I do like it shorter, it makes it look thicker. And healthier. And as long as it fits in pigtails, Sage is happy. She is looking older isn't she? Happy Grammy? ;-)

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