Sunday, November 29, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday Catching Up

I want to be a good blogger, I really really do. I am envious of those who blog on a regular basis. I do still blame it on not having my own computer. Makes it tough. So, here we are trying to catch up on our muffin tins. We have been very dedicated to our muffin tin lunches. The kids have come to expect them that is for sure. However, I have to give the credit to Makenna. I give her the ideas, she runs with them. Actually I typically steal/borrow the ideas off of a website that I need to share, and then she runs with them. Here you go:Halloween: Mummy Dogs, boiled egg Eyeballs, spider crackers, finger cheese sticks, mummy marshmallows, mac & cheese guts.

Foods that are Round

Space Theme: Planet pb & J-popcorn meteors-cheese stars-grape clouds, rocket ship pickle and the candy says it all.

Foods we are thankful for: pb & J taco, hard boiled eggs, mac & cheese, pirate booty, we LOVE that stuff!, chocolate milk!

Thanksgiving! Turkey Sandwich, cornucopia of pirate booty, goldfish for the fish the pilgrims caught, pumpkin muffins, and raisins in a turkey cup.

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