Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sage turns 4!!

Her choice of lunch. Dinner was her favorite spaghetti, but she was to sick to eat either. She was very excited that "she got to use a glass plate because that is what big girls use!"

Lip gloss from Makenna was her favorite!

I love that smile, those eyes, such a happy girl!

she is yelling here, we match we match I am stitchy!

So much to say about my baby turning 4, my BABY!!! but wanted to share the pictures while I had a minute. Sage has been really sick, bronchitis, we still had fun. She was very excited about her "Stitchy" cake. She loves Lilo & Stitch and while I tried to convince her that she would like pink cupcakes made by mommy, she insisted on Stitch. Yes, it resembles a bunny rabbit, but not in her eyes. ;-) Will add more soon of her ride in the birthday Saddle at Texas Roadhouse and her Cinderella party.

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