Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Photos

Marks brother came in town this weekend and we were excited to get a photo shoot done. (of course excited to see him and my niece since we have not seen them enough, they have moved to Georgia!) Have not had a family photo since Mavery first came home.  Because I am so impatient, and because he gets that, he was kind enough to get me a few photos to share.  ;-)  So this is just a preview of what he did today.   Overall he got a ton of great shots.  As you can imagine, getting 5 children to cooperate is a tough job.  And to be honest, Mavery is like 5 children of her own wrapped up in one.  Been a VERY rough few weeks, wish I could even put it into words.  But regardless Brett is patient and got it done.   It will be some time before we attempt this again! 

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