Saturday, November 13, 2010


 My 2 little girls are CRAZY about the book Pinkalicious.  If you have not read it and have a little girl, I bet they would love it!  Made for an easy theme for their birthdays this year.  I apologize, pictures are not in order.
 This was the "Salon" area.  We had face painting, nail painting and pink hair spray!
 The book and a doll from the book.
 The Pink party table.  In the book the girl eats to many pink cupcakes and turns pink! We had lots and lots of pink food. Thanks to Makenna & friend Kyra for making the cupcakes and cake!
 Pink stuffed oreos, pink marshmallows, pink chex mix, pink whoppers, pink fluffy jello and we also had pink milk, pink punch or pink soda!
 Super size cupcake! The girls worked very hard on this.
 Megan and Makenna working on nails.  Thanks Megan for joining us to help!
 Sweet Eden painting a cupcake bank.  The girls also made crowns,  & beaded necklaces.
 Hi Megan! She even wore pink!
 Malaine dressed up as a pink cupcake and Adley has on her cupcake outfit too!

 Our Pinkerbells! Can't believe they are 5 years old!
 The party guests all in pink!
 Jaylyn and Malaine enjoying some pink goodies.  Malaine still has pink hair even after a shower!
 The party table!  The girls sat and listened intently while Kyra, below read the book.  You can see her & Makenna were both dressed in lots of pink too!
It was a very fun day.  I love pink so this was so much fun to get ready for.  I love my pinkerbellas!


Anonymous said...

Wow - lookes like so much fun! You did such a great job on birthdays Shannon - I know you're kids will remember them for years! Happy birthday to beautiful Sage and Mavery! We love you!

Terry and Deb

Mom to my China Posse said...

You always blow me away with your birthday parties. What a fun day!