Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Pinkalicious Pictures!

 If you did not see the post below this scroll down to read more about our Pinkalicious party! Sawyer is such a good sport in this house full of pink.  In the book the girl has to eat green foods to turn back to normal from pink, so Sawyer wore green!  (And he was happy that one of the girls friends brought her brother for Sawyer to play with!)
 Anxiously waiting for the guests.  I wish I had better shots of Makenna's dress.  This is from my aunts wedding at least 36 years ago!  My mom wore it and of course still has it. 
 Present Opening Area.  Makenna & Kyra's tissue flowers.  Those 2 were a huge help to me, could not have done everything w/ out them!
 Making Crowns!
 And beaded necklaces
 Painting cupcake banks. Thanks to the moms for helping out!
 I loved doing this little table with the chairs, so sweet!
 My little Pinkerbelle with her friend Grace.
 This picture makes me laugh.  Paige is trying to tell Kyra what to paint on her face I think!
 Beautiful Jaylyn letting her nails dry!
 Sweet Mavery ready to eat some sweets!
 Sage, happy here but did NOT enjoy the singing to her, she whispered in my ear, I am so embarrassed!
 A good shot of Makenna and Kyra in their pink! Kyra did a great job reading and kept the girls very interested!
 For presents we had the girls sit in the stools and drew a name for a friend to come up and sit with them while they opened her gift. This helped for them to not be overwhelmed and worked out fair for the friend to give her gift w/ out everyone pushing!  This is Cousin Adley
 Lots of smiles and lots of pink!  Mavery, Lily, Grace & Sage
Sitting with sweet Eden!

So birthday party season is ALMOST over!  Next Saturday is Sage's official birthday but on that day we spend it together as a family.  Though it will be a bit crazy because she gets to compete in her first gymnastics competition!  It has been fun with all the parties but I am glad to be DONE! Now we move on to the holiday season!

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