Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sage's First Gymnastics Competition

 We have had all the girls in gymnastics on and off for years.  Last year we were able to do a during the day home school class with my friend Sheila teaching at a gym here in town.   At that time they all had fun, but were not heart and soul into it.  So we took a break and ended up doing a class during our homeschool co-op.  Well it became clear in the last 6 months that our Sage has a passion for gymnastics.  And is good at it.  Last year she had a hard time standing in line, waiting her turn, but now, she make it through a 90 minute class, with sometimes a 30 minute private lesson after.  She is back with Ms Sheila and able to be on a competitive team, which is just up our Sage's alley!   On her 5th birthday she competed in her first competition! 
 Stretching, she makes it look so easy doesn't she?
 Here is Sheila with her daughter Eden, who is getting ready for her pass.  You can also see Sage's friend Grace in the background.  Lots of friends at the gym!
 Good job Eden!
 Sage getting ready for her pass.  She lucked out, they bumped her up a level and so she was the only one her age in that level. 
 Forward Roll
 First place trophy! Being the only one in your age helps, but according to the coaches, she did well.  We are still learning all the competition lingo.
Waving at her adoring fans!  I wish we had snapped a picture of her right when she was done with her pass, she stood up and waved at the crowd.  ;-)   She is pretty excited because the team will be traveling to New Orleans for the Jr Olympics this summer and if you know Sage, she is ALL about a gold medal!  If you have seen her lately, you will know she no longer can walk, she cartwheels everywhere she goes.  Sheila keeps telling me to just wait, backflips everywhere will be next.  Oh my!

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annaliese said...

I can't wait to show these photos to Evie! She was in gymnastics for a year, but has declared she doesn't want to do it anymore--I am sad because she was SO good at it! Congrats to Sage! I will live vicariously through her competitions for now :)