Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family Christmas Dinner

 Every holiday we still try to do a "special dinner" with just Mark, myself and the kids.   I did not realize how much the dinners actually mean to the kids till we missed the Thanksgiving dinner.  We do have dinner together every night, but these dinners involve sparkling grape juice, candles, the real china, real mashed potatoes, etc..  They were so upset that we did not have Thanksgiving, we made it up in early December!  We had steak for our Christmas dinner, compliments of Mark's work, yum! After dinner we read the Christmas story and each child puts a piece in the nativity.
 Then it is on to the gifts.  We let the kids draw a name of a sibling and it was so much fun this year.  Each year the budget has become smaller,  this year we set it at $5.  I so enjoy taking them on s special shopping date to choose their gift.  The thought they put into it, you can just see their minds working. They are very secretive about who they bought for, and can't wait to surprise their sibling on this night!
 Mavery pulled Sage, and I saved her shopping day till the day of.  Good thing.  She walked in from the store and said "Sage I got your gift and it is a secret!" Sage was pretty excited about Rapunzel.
 Sawyer giving to Mavery.
 Anyone who has seen Sawyer opens a gift, can imagine when I say that Mavery opens just like him! The screaming and yelling and SO excited!
 I think Sawyer did a good job, don't you?
 Makenna & Malaine drew each other, which they found pretty funny!
 Oh my she looks old to me here, wow!
 Sage was thrilled to pull "her buddy", and she took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to pick out his gift at the store!
 She thought this walking light up eyes, growling dinosaur looked like it came from Harry Potter !
 Last but not least, Makenna gets her gift. 
 Good job Malaine!
 Happy Siblings!
I do treasure these times when we can just slow down, relax and enjoy each other.  We are already thinking ahead to Valentines Day Dinner!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful family memories! Thanks for sharing!


Amber said...

Loved all the pictures! You are blessed!