Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life besides China, kind of!

I DO realize that I have 5 children here, my whole world does not revolve around China.  Though it IS all wrapped up together in so many ways.. Here is such a mix of there.....

My own Chinese Angels giving me a Rock Concert.

Most of the time you will find this child begging to get on the computer and look at pictures of babies. From China. She especially enjoys looking at the orphans who wait. She can tell you more about the Waiting Children than most agencies. Tonight she was asking how many days till she is able to go to China to work.  And what type of work she can do to save her money.

Today we welcomed Uncle Shane home, from??? CHINA!! ;-) See what I mean, this life here is so closely woven together with there. Shane left for China in August and is now home till early September. I was able to see him while there, but the kids were thrilled! If you look closely you will see we recycled our signs from our homecoming. He enjoyed that.  ;-)  It is good to have him here, because that means hearing more stories of THERE!!


Jodi said...

I love how God works! Who knew 15 years ago y'all would be so connected to China!

Sharon Ankerich said...

I know just what you're thinking and feeling... we live here too but our heart is in China. We will be going to get Perry/Will from SF sometime maybe Nov and are praying what God wants us to do next. We feel it is something big... praying big too!!! Thank you for all you are, believe, and love.

Our family: said...

Hi! I just serendipitously came across you blog. I was searching google images for orphan photos for an article I found on adoption that I am going to post on my blog.
You have a beautiful family! We too have been blessed by the spirit of adoption! And the Lord just opened the door, miraculously, for us to start paper chasing again!