Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Flying a million miles

I have been pretty calm about the whole going to China thing overall. 

I know Mark is amazing and will do great with the kids.

Well, besides the fashion part. Hair and clothes are not his thing. And he admits that.

So the kids might be naked and their hair a mess.  BUT they will be having fun. 

Plus the kids have a whole bunch of invitations to come play. 

A bible study class even asked if they could make meals for Mark. 

 I know they will all be just fine. 

I have an amazing team, have LOVED getting to know them so far and can't wait to spend 2 weeks with them. 

God has shown up in such AMAZING ways as we have prepared for this trip.

But I had a little panic moment today. 

There is the whole thing of Mark is always in charge of electronics, I can blog and I can email, but I can't get things set up!

And the money.  Mark is my walking calculator. or bank, whatever I need.

But what REALLY hit me is this. 

I do NOT enjoy flying.  AT. ALL.

And it is one thing to get on a flight knowing I am flying a REALLY long time, to get a BABY. 

But to think of all those hours on a plane, and I come home.  With empty arms. 

No baby.  WHAT AM I DOING!!!

But, the Lord, who is always so good to remind me of why This. is. not. about. me... spoke to me.

I will NOT be coming home with my baby. 

In the flesh anyways.  ;-)

BUT, I will be coming home with SO many pictures. 

And memories.

Maybe I can't bring my ONE child home.  But maybe I can bring home LOTS of babies.

For people who are waiting. 

One of our team prayers is that we are able to take photos of kids that are waiting. 

Then come home and share about those children.  To put a story with a picture.

So while flying a million miles is NOT my favorite thing to do.

Helping families grow IS. 

Pray for us, Friday is THE day! I will be switching over to my travel blog, but will post a link here.

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