Saturday, May 28, 2011

One week!

Remember my whiny post last week about the craziness of, well, life?

This week was no exception.

Starting with, SUMMER VACATION. 

Which is great for some children, terrible for others who need structure, schedules, consistency.

Apparently all things I stink at.

Then came a call that Mark's brother's house BURNED DOWN.

Praise God no one was hurt.  Including the dog.  Who was in the house, in her cage.

Yesterday we went to load into the van and realized that a window was shattered. All inside the van and all over our driveway.  A million pieces shattered.   We assume either hail or our basketball goal fell into it from the winds we had this week.

Not a huge deal, but a few hundred dollars and just a whole lot of hassle. Shockingly windows for church bus size vans are not just sitting around waiting to be installed.

Our hearts continue to hurt for our sweet boy in China who is still in the hospital from burns.  His mama is struggling and we feel so far away.

But VERY soon I will be there!  Prayerfully we will be able to see him somehow.  I can't wait to give him and his mama a big ole hug!

So all of this life stuff going on?  Just taking it day by day.  Keeping my focus on what is waiting.

Well, besides a bazillion hours of plane rides.  Trying really hard NOT to think on that.

Thinking of the children and the places the Lord has called us to.

In just one more week!

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