Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sawyer & Malaine are Baptized!

 My prayer since I have found out I was expecting each of my children is that they would love Jesus more than anything, and that they would find friends and eventually a spouse that did the same.  To watch those prayers unfold is a true gift.  

Quite a few years ago Sawyer came to us and felt He was ready to have Jesus become His Lord and Savior.  We felt he was sincere, but he was very adamant that he did NOT want to get baptized.  We were totally OK.  We wanted to be sure, and wanted him to be sure that he was ready.  

This past spring Malaine came to us one night and said, "How do you know when Jesus wants you to ask Him into your heart? "  We talked through it and she said, "well I am pretty sure He is asking me to ask Him!" But, again we wanted to be sure so we told her to sleep on it and we would talk more about it the next day.  FIRST thing the next morning she came jumping in my bed and said "Ok, it's morning, I am ready!".  So, we had the joy of walking with our 3rd child into the family of God. 

We invited Ms Jenny over to talk through with the kids and plan their baptism.   We set the date and the kids were so excited to count down to their special day!

 Pastor Jonathan did a great job of calming the kids, and having fun before we got started!
 I love this one!
 Jonathan asked Sawyer why he wanted to be baptized.

 He told him because he wanted to show everyone that He had asked Jesus to be his Lord
 And his Savior. 
 Malaine was a bit nervous, she was worried about holding on to Jonathans arm!
 He is trying to get her to look at me, she is concentrating on that arm he told her to hold!
 Malaine told Jonathan she wanted everyone to know that Jesus was in her heart.

After church we had lunch at home with family to celebrate! 

 We wanted to present Sawyer with something special and after much thought, and google searching, we decided to present him with a sword.  Yep, a REAL sword. We told him it was part of the armor of God and this was the Sword of the Spirit.  He was very excited!

And for our princess?  A crown! We told her how she is now a daughter of the King.  I hope that someday maybe she will use this pillow or crown in her wedding! 
 Beautiful girl!
 So proud of Sawyer and Malaine, so thankful God has saved them! Now 3 of our children are believers and that makes my mama heart feel good. Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said...

We love those two kiddos so much - so glad you were able to capture such awesome pictures of this most important decision in their lives!

Aunt Deb and Uncle Terry

Bryan said...

praise God!!!!

Makenna said...

i am brilliant i thought of the crown!