Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orphan Summit Part 2

I think one of the biggest things that God placed on my heart this weekend at Summit was this.

There is SO much more to orphan care than adoption.

Not that I did not know that. Not that Mark has not reminded me of that DAILY or hourly or whenever I bring up adding more.

And not that adoption is not important. It is, it REALLY is.

But, there are 147 million orphans in this world.

Many of them are not even able to be adopted.

And of those that are? Well, I can't adopt them all. I can't even come close.

So, while I am not sure what our future holds as far as more children, I do know this.

God is calling our family to big things. Things beyond ourselves and what WE think we need to be doing for the orphans.

And I also know that God wants me to learn some things about Him and WHY we should care for the orphans. Why others should. Of course I KNOW, we all know the Bible commands it.

But do we REALLY know? Deep in our hearts and soul?

That is another post.

Back to what we can do. I know the Lord wants an orphan ministry to happen at our church. A ministry that reaches not only beyond our borders, but right here in the US also. My dreams for this group are so big! I want to see us getting involved in Safe Families, Foster Care, Adoption. Funding adoptions. BUT I also want to see us getting involved with children that are not able to be adopted through support, love, mission trips.

Most important, I want to say a Resounding YES to the things He has called me too, and a Resounding NO to those He has not. Be it messy or hard, I am willing.

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