Friday, May 20, 2011

Crazy Days

I want to continue with my Summit posts. I don't want to forget all that I heard. It helps me to write.

But life! Let me share just one day this week. That started the day before.

My aunt was taken to the hospital with chest pain.

I got a call that the baby we had custody of last summer was badly burned. 10% of his body, 2nd degree burns.

Mark was out of town.

I stayed up all night praying.

Girls had fun day at school.

We went from there strawberry picking.

Then on to the doctors office to get some medical records for the baby we still have custody of, though he now lives in China.

From there the girls had gymnastics try outs at a new gym.

Then we got to go to the Apple Store to get Makenna's IPOD fixed. Again.

By this time of the day I had apparently lost all sense of well anything and attempted to get a bit of shopping done since we were already out.

With 5 kids.

Who had not had good naps and 1 of which is never easy to shop with.

We gave up on shopping. We came home.

I was exhausted and oh so tired and having a pity party for myself.

I was reminded of this. If the Devil is not attacking then we are probably not doing anything to get his attention.

I love that!

Well, not the being attacked by the devil part. But the fact that I AM getting his attention. And He is so ready to swoop in and steal my joy.

Joy from hearing so much at the Summit. Joy I am ready to put into action.

Joy at the piles of "Stuff" piled in my room. Stuff that is going to bless orphans!

Joy at the suitcases I am tripping over. Suitcases that will hold JOY & Blessings in just 2 weeks!

I will get back to writing about Summit.

And I will pack with out stressing out.

Maybe. ;-)

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