Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet June

So many times when people are looking for a child, they are looking for a baby. And who can blame us them? Cute, easy, cute, cuddly, cute, quiet (in the can't talk back yet type of quiet) did I mention cute?

I will be the first to admit, I am drawn to babies. Partly because of the reasons above. Partly I dont' feel done with babies, I have all the other ages thank you very much.  But a baby, I could do a baby. 

I mean honestly, WHO thinks when they think of taking on a child... Hmm, how about a TEENAGER?  Much less, who thinks a THIRTEEN year old? 

In reality, when I think of 13 year olds, I think of mouthy, moody, monsters!

Ok, so maybe that is a bit dramatic, unless of course you are living with a 13 year old. Then you get me.

While in China I met a 13 year old girl.  I will call her June. 

Because she had a birthday while we were there. Unfortunately we did not know that.  A June girl.

I actually wonder if she even knew it was her birthday. Something tells me they do not tell the kids, hey today is YOUR day!

Because she turned 13, it means she only has ONE YEAR left to find a family.  Or she loses her chance, forever.  At 14 they are to old.

So what becomes of her?  We really do not know.

Here is what I know about June.

She is beautiful and her smile lights up her face.

She watches out for the little ones. One day she was upstairs with us and we were trying to get the kids downstairs. One of the little ones needs a walker, and we did not know where it was. We did not have to say a word, June was on it and ran off to help her little friend.

She attends school so we were not with her as much as some of the other kids.  We know she can count in English and writes well.

She has palsey of the left limbs. But it did not seem to affect her.

Her favorite color is yellow. 

And she wants a family. She told us this.

Because she only has ONE YEAR left,  she needs her family to step up NOW. 

It COULD be done. 

So she might not be what you or I would typically think of when we think of adoption. 

She is 13. she has lived in an orphanage her entire life. There will be issues to work through.

Though we did NOT see this side of her, she MIGHT be like any teenage girl.


Or she might not, because she might just look at life a bit differently.

Regardless of any of that, she wants a family.  She DESERVES a family, doesn't she?

She needs a daddy to tell her she is beautiful before she starts looking at boys.

She needs a mommy to take her shopping, fix her hair, talk to her about life.

She needs to hear about Jesus... 

Please help me spread the word about June. WE can be her voice.  WE can lift her up in prayer till she is home.  WE could change her world. 


Dean and Janie said...

There is a family for her. I'll be glad to share.

Grace said...

Loved your post. I would be happy to share this. Praying her family finds her.

Chelsea Bass said...

Hi, Shannon! I read your blog a long time ago back when Mavery was coming home. My husband and I have been praying about adoption (from China) for a long time, and though it will still be a couple years, most likely, I just wondered if you know of anything we could do now? We're both in grad school, but we know it takes a few years to get through all the legwork. Where should we start?

Anonymous said...

We adopted one in Jan. 2010 , the day before her 14 th are welcome to contact me