Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Malaine is NINE!

What can I say about my Lainey bug?  My little love bug. My middle child. Easy, sweet, lovely. As I worked on this blog and went through my photos of Malaine, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. So here are some past pictures and 9 great things about our little Lainey.

 She smiles. ALWAYS. She is a pleaser, and I have to make sure that no one takes advantage of that. I was going through her closet choosing a Sunday outfit and I lay out a dress for her. She came in and told me it did not fit quite right, which I knew it did. I asked her if she does not like the dress, and she refused to tell me she did not like it, because I had picked it out!

She wants a baby in our family in the worst way. She LOVES babies. ADORES babies. When she grows up she wants to.. be a mom! With lots of adopted babies.  I can't wait to take her to China. Someday.

Is my child that actually plays with toys.  So many times I buy toys feeling as if they will not get played with. Malaine PLAYS. She has lots of imagination and loves EACH of her toys.  American Girl DOLLS, barbie DOLLS. BABY dolls, all rank high.

She is still homeschooled and an easy student. Because even when I have a bad day, Lainey smiles! She does tell me that if I would adopt again she would happily go to school.  ;-)

Loves the Lord and has such a tender heart. She was baptized this year and loves being a "princess of the King!"

Makes friends no matter where we go. I am proud of her for always trying to make sure everyone has a friend. 
Still has part monkey to her. She loves to climb, hang, you name it. Is in gymnastics this year and today was the first day she said, It is HARD.

 Was able to have a part in our production at church this year, Judgement House. She LOVED being a part of Gods story for 2 weeks.

Is a prayer warrior. If you ask this girl to pray, she is ON it. She LOVES to pray and is quick to remind us who we forgot to pray for.  I always trust that when you ask her to pray, it comes from her heart. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl, we are so thankful for you!

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