Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mom-Van

I overheard a conversation of someone talking about how they don't want to drive a van.

ANYTHING but a van.

That has always made me laugh because I could not WAIT to drive a van! Even when I was pregnant with Makenna, we bought a van! We lived out of town and we wanted to be able to ride with our guests when they visited.

We also traveled home often and so it just made sense.

And seriously, I have not done much in life that really MAKES SENSE.

So the fact that I was EXCITED about a van, kind of strange.

Thinking about how so many people are against vans, just makes me ponder.  What is it that for some make them so UN -COOL?  And why for me, is it not a big deal?

I am not going to try to figure out everyone else. I honestly don't get it simply because they are comfortable, much more comfortable than an SUV. I have had both. I do know. They are great on gas. They hold a ton.

But for me...

I am PROUD to drive a van. Because it is a symbol of being a mom.

And I love being a mom. I really do.

Yes, some days I complain. Ok, ALOT of days I complain.

And I get tired. Stressed. Crabby. MEAN!

But I still love my job. Mommy to 5.

I love that we not only drive a mini van but that we HAD to get a larger van.

To seat more. 15 to be exact. 

Because God blessed us for a season with a baby boy, and his even his mama at times.

I love that my husband urged me to fill out an application to invite even MORE into that van.

So you can have your SUV's and your fancy cars. But give me a van any day.

Though if it were possible to add a glass partition between the front row and children, I would have no complaints!

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